§ 25.16 Consideration of performance context.  

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  • (a) General. Performance context is used to assess how the factors in paragraph (b) of this section affect a bank's capacity and opportunity to meet the performance standards described in §25.13, §25.14, §25.15 or §25.18. Based on that assessment, the OCC may adjust:

    (1) The assessment area and bank presumptive ratings in §25.13; or

    (2) The small, intermediate, wholesale, and limited purpose bank ratings, as described in appendix A.

    (b) Performance context factors. In assessing performance context, the OCC considers and documents the effect of the following factors when determining the assigned rating:

    (1) The bank's explanation of how its capacity to meet the performance standards described in §§25.13, 25.14, 25.15 or 25.18 was affected by:

    (i) The bank's product offerings and business strategy;

    (ii) The bank's unique constraints, such as its financial condition, safety and soundness limitations, or other factors;

    (iii) The innovativeness, complexity, and flexibility of the bank's qualifying activities;

    (iv) The bank's development of business infrastructure and staffing to support the purpose of this part; and

    (v) The responsiveness of the bank's qualifying activities to the needs of the community;

    (2) The bank's explanation of how its opportunity to engage in qualifying activities was affected by:

    (i) The demand for qualifying activities, including, for example, credit needs and market opportunities identified in a Federal Home Loan Bank Targeted Community Lending Plan as provided for in 12 CFR 1290.6(a)(5) or a U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development Consolidated Plan as provided for in 24 CFR part 91, as applicable;

    (ii) The demand for retail loans in low- or moderate-income census tracts; and

    (iii) Demographic factors (e.g., housing costs, unemployment rates variation);

    (3) The bank's competitive environment, as demonstrated by peer performance.

    (4) Any written comments about assessment area needs and opportunities submitted to the bank or the OCC; and

    (5) Any other information deemed relevant by the OCC.

    (c) Form. Banks, other than small and intermediate banks, must submit the information in paragraph (b) of this section on the performance context form available on www.occ.gov, including for each assessment area.