§ 39.1 Purpose of this regulation.
§ 39.3 Definition of airworthiness directives.
§ 39.5 When does FAA issue airworthiness directives?
§ 39.7 What is the legal effect of failing to comply with an airworthiness directive?
§ 39.9 What if I operate an aircraft or use a product that does not meet the requirements of an airworthiness directive?
§ 39.11 What actions do airworthiness directives require?
§ 39.13 Are airworthiness directives part of the Code of Federal Regulations?
§ 39.15 Does an airworthiness directive apply if the product has been changed?
§ 39.17 What must I do if a change in a product affects my ability to accomplish the actions required in an airworthiness directive?
§ 39.19 May I address the unsafe condition in a way other than that set out in the airworthiness directive?
§ 39.21 Where can I get information about FAA-approved alternative methods of compliance?
§ 39.23 May I fly my aircraft to a repair facility to do the work required by an airworthiness directive?
§ 39.25 How do I get a special flight permit?
§ 39.27 What do I do if the airworthiness directive conflicts with the service document on which it is based?


49 U.S.C. 106(g), 40113, 44701.


Doc. No. FAA–2000–8460, 67 FR 48003, July 22, 2002, unless otherwise noted.