Subpart A — General Provisions
§ 19.1 What definitions apply to the regulations in this Part?
§ 19.2 Why did the Commerce Department issue these regulations and what do they cover?
§ 19.3 Do these regulations adopt the Federal Claims Collection Standards (FCCS)?
Subpart B — Procedures To Collect Commerce Debts
§ 19.4 What notice will Commerce entities send to a debtor when collecting a Commerce debt?
§ 19.5 How will Commerce entities add interest, penalty charges, and administrative costs to a Commerce debt?
§ 19.6 When will Commerce entities allow a debtor to pay a Commerce debt in installments instead of one lump sum?
§ 19.7 When will Commerce entities compromise a Commerce debt?
§ 19.8 When will Commerce entities suspend or terminate debt collection on a Commerce debt?
§ 19.9 When will Commerce entities transfer a Commerce debt to the Treasury Department's Bureau of the Fiscal Service for collection?
§ 19.10 How will Commerce entities use administrative offset (offset of non-tax Federal payments) to collect a Commerce debt?
§ 19.11 How will Commerce entities use tax refund offset to collect a Commerce debt?
§ 19.12 How will Commerce entities offset a Federal employee's salary to collect a Commerce debt?
§ 19.13 How will Commerce entities use administrative wage garnishment to collect a Commerce debt from a debtor's wages?
§ 19.14 How will Commerce entities report Commerce debts to credit bureaus?
§ 19.15 How will Commerce entities refer Commerce debts to private collection agencies?
§ 19.16 When will Commerce entities refer Commerce debts to the Department of Justice?
§ 19.17 Will a debtor who owes a Commerce or other Federal agency debt, and persons controlled by or controlling such debtors, be ineligible for Federal loan assistance, grants, cooperative agreements, or other sources of Federal funds or for Federal licenses, permits or privileges?
§ 19.18 How does a debtor request a special review based on a change in circumstances such as catastrophic illness, divorce, death, or disability?
§ 19.19 Will Commerce entities issue a refund if money is erroneously collected on a Commerce debt?
Subpart C — Procedures for Offset of Commerce Department Payments To Collect Debts Owed to Other Federal Agencies
§ 19.20 How do other Federal agencies use the offset process to collect debts from payments issued by a Commerce entity?
§ 19.21 What does a Commerce entity do upon receipt of a request to offset the salary of a Commerce entity employee to collect a debt owed by the employee to another Federal agency?


31 U.S.C. 3701, et seq.


72 FR 18871, Apr. 16, 2007, unless otherwise noted.