§ 960.18 Grounds for adjudication by the Secretary.  

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  • (a) In accordance with the procedures in this subpart, a person may appeal the following adverse actions for adjudication by the Secretary:

    (1) The denial of a license;

    (2) The categorization of a system in a tier;

    (3) The failure to make a final determination on a license grant or denial or a licensee's modification request within the timelines provided in this part;

    (4) The imposition of a license condition;

    (5) The denial of a licensee-requested license modification; and

    (6) The replacement of an existing license with a license granted under §960.3(a)(1) or termination of an existing license under §960.3(a)(2).

    (b) The only acceptable grounds for appeal of the actions in paragraph (a) of this section are as follows:

    (1) The Secretary's action was arbitrary, capricious, or contrary to law; or

    (2) The action was based on a clear factual error.

    (c) No appeal is allowed to the extent that there is involved the conduct of military or foreign affairs functions.