§ 960.19 Administrative appeal procedures.

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  • (a) A person wishing to appeal an action specified at §960.18(a) may do so within 21 days of the action by submitting a written request to the Secretary.

    (b) The request must include a detailed explanation of the reasons for the appeal, citing one of the grounds specified in §960.18(b).

    (c) Upon receipt of a request under paragraph (a) of this section, the Secretary shall review the request to certify that it meets the requirements of this subpart and chapter 7 of title 5 of the United States Code. If it does, the Secretary shall coordinate with the appellant to schedule a hearing before a hearing officer designated by the Secretary. If the Secretary does not certify the request, the Secretary shall notify the person in writing that no appeal is allowed, and this notification shall constitute a final agency action.

    (d) The hearing shall be held in a timely manner. It shall provide the appellant and the Secretary an opportunity to present evidence and arguments.

    (e) Hearings may be closed to the public, and other actions taken as the Secretary deems necessary, to prevent the disclosure of any information required by law to be protected from disclosure.

    (f) At the close of the hearing, the hearing officer shall recommend a decision to the Secretary addressing all factual and legal arguments.

    (g) Based on the record of the hearing and the recommendation of the hearing officer, and after consultation, as appropriate, with the Secretaries of Defense and State in decisions implicating national security and international obligations and policy, respectively, the Secretary shall make a decision adopting, rejecting, or modifying the recommendation of the hearing officer. This decision constitutes a final agency action, and is subject to judicial review under chapter 7 of title 5 of the United States Code.