Subpart A — Standards Governing Commission Review of Applications for Registration as a Futures Association Under Section 17 of the Act
§ 170.1 Demonstration of purposes (section 17(b)(1) of the Act).
§ 170.2 Membership restrictions (section 17(b)(2) of the Act).
§ 170.3 Fair and equitable representation of members (section 17(b)(5) of the Act).
§ 170.4 Allocation of dues (section 17(b)(6) of the Act).
§ 170.5 Prevention of fraudulent and manipulative practices (section 17(b)(7) of the Act).
§ 170.6 Disciplinary proceedings (sections 17(b)(8) and (b)(9) of the Act).
§ 170.7 Membership denial (section 17(b)(9) of the Act).
§ 170.8 Settlement of customer disputes (section 17(b)(10) of the Act).
§ 170.9 General standard.
§ 170.10 Proficiency examinations (sections 4p and 17(p) of the Act).
Subpart B — Registration Statement of Futures Associations to be Submitted to the Commission
§ 170.11 Form of registration statement; review of registration statement.
§ 170.12 Delegation of Authority to Director of the Division of Swap Dealer and Intermediary Oversight.
Subpart C — Membership in a Registered Futures Association
§ 170.15 Futures commission merchants.
§ 170.16 Swap dealers and major swap participants.
§ 170.17 Introducing brokers, commodity pool operators, and commodity trading advisors.


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44 FR 20651, Apr. 6, 1979, unless otherwise noted.