§ 230.153a Definition of “preceded by a prospectus” as used in section 5(b)(2) of the Act, in relation to certain transactions requiring approval of security holders.  

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  • The term preceded by a prospectus, as used in section 5(b)(2) of the Act with respect to any requirement for the delivery of a prospectus to security holders of a corporation or other person, in connection with transactions of the character specified in paragraph (a) of §230.145, shall mean the delivery of a prospectus:

    (a) Prior to the vote of security holders on such transactions; or,

    (b) With respect to actions taken by consent, prior to the earliest date on which the corporate action may be taken; to all security holders of record of such corporation or other person, entitled to vote on or consent to the proposed transaction, at their address of record on the transfer records of the corporation or other person.

    [37 FR 23636, Nov. 7, 1972]