§ 230.153b Definition of “preceded by a prospectus”, as used in section 5(b)(2), in connection with certain transactions in standardized options.  

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  • The term preceded by a prospectus, as used in section 5(b)(2) of the Act with respect to any requirement for the delivery of a prospectus relating to standardized options registered on Form S-20, shall mean the delivery, prior to any transactions, of copies of such prospectus to each options market upon which the options are traded, for the purpose of redelivery to options customers upon their request, Provided That:

    (a) Such options market shall thereto have requested of the issuer, from time to time, such number of copies of such prospectus as may have appeared reasonably necessary to comply with the requests of options customers, and shall have delivered promptly from its supply on hand a copy to any options customer making a request thereof; and

    (b) The issuer shall have furnished such options market with such reasonable number of copies of such prospectus as may have been requested by the options market for the purpose stated above.

    (15 U.S.C. 77a et seq.)

    [47 FR 41955, Sept. 23, 1982]

[47 FR 41955, Sept. 23, 1982