§ 230.484 Undertaking required in certain registration statements.  

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  • If a registration statement is prepared on a form available solely to investment companies registered under the investment Company Act of 1940, or a business development company which is selling or proposing to sell its securities pursuant to a registration statement which has been filed under the Act, if

    (a) Any acceleration is requested of the effective date of the registration statement pursuant to Rule 461 (§230.461), and

    (b)(1) Any provision or arrangement exists whereby the registrant may indemnify a director, officer or controlling person of the registrant against liabilities arising under the Act, or

    (2) The underwriting agreement contains provisions by which indemnification against such liabilities is given by the registrant to the underwriter or controlling persons of the underwriter and the director, officer or controlling person of the registrant is such an underwriter or controlling person thereof or a member of any firm which is an underwriter, and

    (3) The benefits of such indemnification are not waived by such persons; the registration statement shall include a brief description of the indemnification provisions and an undertaking in substantially the following form: