§ 230.905 Resale limitations.  

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  • Equity securities of domestic issuers acquired from the issuer, a distributor, or any of their respective affiliates in a transaction subject to the conditions of §230.901 or §230.903 are deemed to be “restricted securities” as defined in §230.144. Resales of any of such restricted securities by the offshore purchaser must be made in accordance with this Regulation S (§230.901 through §230.905, and Preliminary Notes), the registration requirements of the Act or an exemption therefrom. Any “restricted securities,” as defined in §230.144, that are equity securities of a domestic issuer will continue to be deemed to be restricted securities, notwithstanding that they were acquired in a resale transaction made pursuant to §230.901 or §230.904.

    [63 FR 9647, Feb. 25, 1998]