§ 240.11a-1 Regulation of floor trading.  

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  • (a) No member of a national securities exchange, while on the floor of such exchange, shall initiate, directly or indirectly, any transaction in any security admitted to trading on such exchange, for any account in which such member has an interest, or for any such account with respect to which such member has discretion as to the time of execution, the choice of security to be bought or sold, the total amount of any security to be bought or sold, or whether any such transaction shall be one of purchase or sale.

    (b) The provisions of paragraph (a) of this section shall not apply to:

    (1) Any transaction by a registered specialist in a security in which he is so registered on such exchange;

    (2) Any transaction for the account of an odd-lot dealer in a security in which he is so registered on such exchange;

    (3) Any stabilizing transaction effected in compliance with §242.104 of this chapter to facilitate a distribution of such security in which such member is participating;

    (4) Any bona fide arbitrage transaction;

    (5) Any transaction made with the prior approval of a floor official of such exchange to permit such member to contribute to the maintenance of a fair and orderly market in such security, or any purchase or sale to reverse any such transaction;

    (6) Any transaction to offset a transaction made in error; or

    (7) Any transaction effected in conformity with a plan designed to eliminate floor trading activities which are not beneficial to the market and which plan has been adopted by an exchange and declared effective by the Commission. For the purpose of this rule, a plan filed with the Commission by a national securities exchange shall not become effective unless the Commission, having due regard for the maintenance of fair and orderly markets, for the public interest, and for the protection of investors, declares the plan to be effective.

    (c) For the purpose of this rule the term “on the floor of such exchange” shall include the trading floor; the rooms, lobbies, and other premises immediately adjacent thereto for use of members generally; other rooms, lobbies and premises made available primarily for use by members generally; and the telephone and other facilities in any such place.

    (d) Any national securities exchange may apply for an exemption from the provisions of this rule in compliance with the provisions of section 11(c) of the Act.

    (Sec. 11, 48 Stat. 891; 15 U.S.C. 78k)

    [29 FR 7381, June 6, 1964, as amended at 62 FR 544, Jan. 3, 1997]

[29 FR 7381, June 6, 1964, as amended at 62 FR 544, Jan. 3, 1997