§ 240.14n-2 Filing of amendments to Schedule 14N.  

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  • (a) If any material change occurs with respect to the nomination, or in the disclosure or certifications set forth in the Schedule 14N (§240.14n-101) required by §240.14n-1(a), the person or persons who were required to file the statement shall promptly file or cause to be filed with the Commission an amendment disclosing that change.

    (b) An amendment shall be filed within 10 calendar days of the final results of the election being announced by the registrant stating the nominating shareholder's or the nominating shareholder group's intention with regard to continued ownership of their shares.

    [75 FR 56788, Sept. 16, 2010]

[63 FR 72102, Dec. 31, 1998, as amended at 70 FR 58971, Oct. 11, 2005