§ 240.17Ac3-1 Withdrawal from registration with the Commission.  

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  • (a) Notice of withdrawal from registration as a transfer agent with the Commission pursuant to section 17A(c)(4) of the Act shall be filed on Form TA-W in accordance with the instructions contained thereon.

    (b) Except as hereinafter provided, a notice to withdraw from registration filed by a transfer agent pursuant to section 17A(c)(4) of the Act shall become effective on the sixtieth day after the filing thereof with the Commission or within such shorter period of time as the Commission may determine. If a notice to withdraw from registration is filed with the Commission at any time subsequent to the date of issuance of a Commission order instituting proceedings pursuant to section 17A(c)(3) of the Act, or if prior to the effective date of the notice of withdrawal the Commission institutes such a proceeding or a proceeding to impose terms and conditions upon such withdrawal, the notice of withdrawal shall not become effective except at such time and upon such terms and conditions as the Commission deems necessary or appropriate in the public interest, for the protection of investors, or in furtherance of the purposes of section 17A.

    (c) Every withdrawal from registration filed pursuant to this section shall be filed with the Commission electronically in the Commission's EDGAR system. Transfer agents should refer to Form TA-W and the instructions to the form (§249b.101 of this chapter) and the EDGAR Filer Manual (§232.301 of this chapter) for further information regarding electronic filing.

    (d) Every notice of withdrawal filed pursuant to this rule shall constitute a “report” within the meaning of sections 17 and 32(a) of the Act.

    [42 FR 44984, Sept. 8, 1977, as amended at 71 FR 74709, Dec. 12, 2006]