§ 240.17d-1 Examination for compliance with applicable financial responsibility rules.  

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  • (a) Where a member of SIPC is a member of more than one self-regulatory organization, the Commission shall designate by written notice to one of such organizations responsibility for examining such member for compliance with applicable financial responsibility rules. In making such designations the Commission shall take into consideration the regulatory capabilities and procedures of the self-regulatory organizations, availability of staff, convenience of location, unnecessary regulatory duplication, and such other factors as the Commission may consider germane to the protection of investors, the cooperation and coordination among self-regulatory organizations, and the development of a national market system and a national system for the clearance and settlement of securities transactions.

    (b) Upon designation of responsibility pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section, all other self-regulatory organizations of which such person is a member shall be relieved of such responsibility to the extent specified.

    (c) After the Commission has acted pursuant to paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section, any self-regulatory organization relieved of responsibility with respect to a member may notify customers of, and persons doing business with, such member of the limited nature of its responsibility for such member's compliance with applicable financial responsibility rules.

    [41 FR 18809, May 7, 1976]