§ 1301.75 Designation procedures.  

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  • (a) TVA may prepare a designation request to OMB's OIRA for certain guidance documents. Designation requests must include at least the following information:

    (1) A summary of the guidance document; and

    (2) The TVA recommended designation of “not significant” or “significant,” as well as a justification for that designation.

    (b) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (c) of this section, TVA may seek significance determinations from OIRA for guidance documents, as appropriate, in the same manner as for rulemakings. Prior to publishing these guidance documents, and with sufficient time to allow OIRA to review the document in the event that a significance determination is made, TVA will generally provide OIRA with an opportunity to review the designation request or the guidance document, if requested, to determine if it meets the definition of “significant” or “economically significant” under Executive Order 13891.

    (c) Guidance documents that do not otherwise present novel issues, significant risks, interagency considerations, unusual circumstances, or other unique issues that could reasonably be considered as significant or economically significant, within the meanings of Executive Order 13891, will not typically require a designation by OIRA.