§ 401.115 Discretionary disclosure by the Executive Director.  

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  • (a) The Executive Director may, in his discretion, disclose part or all of any Commission record that is otherwise exempt from disclosure pursuant to this part. The Executive Director shall exercise his discretion to disclose such records whenever he determines that such disclosure is in the public interest, will promote the objectives of the Commission, and is consistent with the rights of individuals to privacy, the property rights of persons in trade secrets, and the need for the Commission to promote frank internal policy deliberations and to pursue its regulatory activities without disruption.

    (b) Discretionary disclosure of a record pursuant to this section shall invoke the requirement that the record shall be disclosed to any person who requests it pursuant to §401.98, but shall not set a precedent for discretionary disclosure of any similar or related record and shall not obligate the Executive Director to exercise his discretion to disclose any other record that is exempt from disclosure.