§ 401.121 Definitions.  

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  • For the purposes of this part, except as the context may otherwise require:

    (a) All words and phrases which are defined by section 1.2 of the Compact shall have the same meaning herein.

    (b) Words and phrases which are defined by part I of the Administrative Manual (section 1-3) shall have the same meaning for the purposes of this part 401.

    (c) Application shall mean a request for action by the Commission in any written form, including without limitation thereto, a letter, referral by any agency of a signatory party, or an official form prescribed by the Commission; provided that whenever an official form of application has been duly required, an application shall not be deemed to be pending before the Commission until such time as such form, together with the information required thereby, has been completed and filed.

    (d) Applicant shall mean any sponsor or other person who has submitted an application to the Commission.

    (e) Sponsor shall mean any person authorized to initiate, construct or administer a project.