§ 401.39 Form of submission of projects not requiring prior approval by State or Federal agencies.  

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  • Where a project does not require approval by any other State or Federal agency, or where such approval is required but an Administrative Agreement is not in force, the project shall be submitted directly to the Commission for review and determination of compatibility with the Comprehensive Plan, in such form of application, with such supporting documentation, as the Executive Director may reasonably require for the administration of the provisions of the Compact. These shall include without limitation thereto:

    (a) Exhibits to accompany application. The application shall be accompanied by the following exhibits:

    (1) Abstract of proceedings authorizing project, where applicable;

    (2) General map showing specific location and dimension of a structural project, or specific language of a standard or policy in the case of a non-structural proposal;

    (3) Section of the United States Geological Survey topographic map showing the territory and watershed affected;

    (4) Maps, drawings, specifications and profiles of any proposed structures, or a description of the specific effects of a non-structural project;

    (5) Written report of the applicant's engineer showing the proposed plan of operation of a structural project;

    (6) Map of any lands to be acquired or occupied;

    (7) Estimate of the cost of completing the proposed project, and sufficient data to indicate a workable financial plan under which the project will be carried out; and

    (8) Analyses and conclusions of regional water supply and wastewater investigations.

    (b) Letter of transmittal. The application shall be accompanied by a letter of transmittal in which the applicant shall include a list of all enclosures, the names and addresses to which communications may be directed to the applicant, and the names and addresses of the applicant's engineer and counsel, if any.

    (c) Unless otherwise ordered by the Commission, two copies of the application and accompanying papers shall be filed. If any application is contested, the Commission may require additional copies of the application and all accompanying papers to be furnished by the applicant. In such cases, certified copies of photographic prints or reproduction may be used.