§ 401.4 Project applications and proposed revisions and changes.  

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  • (a) Applications for inclusion of new public projects and the deletion or alteration of previously included public projects may be submitted by signatory parties and agencies or political subdivisions thereof. Owners or sponsors of privately owned projects may submit applications for the inclusion of new private projects and the deletion or alteration of previously included private projects in which the applicant has an interest. The Commission may also receive and consider proposals for changes and additions to the Comprehensive Plan which may be submitted by any agency of the signatory parties, or any interested person, organization, or group. Any application or proposal shall be submitted in such form as may be required by the Executive Director to facilitate consideration by the Commission.

    (b) Applications for projects shall include at least the following information:

    (1) Purpose or purposes, including quantitative measures of physical benefit anticipated from the proposal;

    (2) The location, physical features and total area required.

    (3) Forecast of the cost or effect on the utilization of water resources;

    (4) Relation to other parts of the existing Comprehensive Plan;

    (5) A discussion of conformance with Commission policies included in the Comprehensive Plan; and

    (6) A discussion of the alternatives considered.