§ 401.81 Hearings generally.  

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  • (a) Scope of subpart. This subpart shall apply to contested cases required to be held under subparts C and E of this part, to the conduct of other administrative hearings involving contested cases and to proceedings which Commission regulation or the Commission directs be conducted pursuant to this subpart.

    (b) Definition of contested case. “Contested case” means a proceeding in which the legal rights, duties, obligations, privileges, benefits or other legal relations of specific parties are involved. Such a proceeding may involve personnel matters, project applications and docket decisions but shall not extend to the review of any proposed or adopted rule or regulation of the Commission.

    (c) Requests for hearings. Any person seeking a hearing to review the action or decision of the Commission or the Executive Director may request a hearing pursuant to the provisions of this subpart provided such a request is received by the Commission within thirty (30) days of the action or decision which is the subject of the requested hearing. Requests shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Commission and shall identify the specific action or decision for which a hearing is requested, the date of the action or decision, the interest of the person requesting the hearing in the subject matter of the proposed hearing and a summary statement setting forth the basis for objecting to or seeking review of the action or decision. Any request filed more than thirty days after an action or decision will be deemed untimely and such request for a hearing shall be considered denied unless the Commission by unanimous vote otherwise directs. Receipt of requests for hearings, pursuant to this subpart, whether timely filed or not, shall be submitted by the Secretary to the Commissioners for their information.

    (d) Optional joint hearings. Whenever designated by a department, agency or instrumentality of a signatory party, and within any limitations prescribed by the designation, a Hearing Officer designated pursuant to this subpart may also serve as a Hearing Officer, examiner or agent pursuant to such additional designation and may conduct joint hearings for the Commission and for such other department, agency or instrumentality. Pursuant to the additional designation, a Hearing Officer shall cause to be filed with the department, agency or instrumentality making the designation, a certified copy of the transcript of the evidence taken before him and, if requested, of his findings and recommendations. Neither the Hearing Officer nor the Delaware River Basin Commission shall have or exercise any power or duty as a result of such additional designation to decide the merits of any matter arising under the separate laws of a signatory party (other than the Delaware River Basin Compact).

    (e) Schedule. The Executive Director shall cause the schedule for each hearing to be listed in advance upon a “hearing docket” which shall be posted in public view at the office of the Commission.

    (f) Notice of hearing. Notice of any hearing to be conducted pursuant to this subpart shall comply with the provisions of Section 14.4(b) of the Compact relating to public notice unless otherwise directed by the Commission.