§ 401.84 Hearing procedure.  

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  • (a) Participation in the hearing. In any hearing, the person requesting the hearing shall be deemed an interested party and shall be entitled to participate fully in the hearing procedure. In addition, any person whose legal rights may be affected by the decision rendered in a contested case shall be deemed an interested party. Interested parties shall have the right to be represented by counsel, to present evidence and to examine and cross-examine witnesses. In addition to interested parties, any persons having information concerning a contested case or desiring to present comments concerning the subject matter of the Hearing for inclusion in the record may submit a written statement to the Commission. Any interested party may request the right to examine or cross-examine any person who submits a written statement. In the absence of a request for examination of such person, all written statements submitted shall be included within the record and such statements may be relied upon to the extent determined by the Hearing Officer or the Commission.

    (b) Powers of the Hearing Officer. The Hearing Officer shall:

    (1) Rule upon offers of proof and the admissibility of evidence, regulate the course of the hearings, hold conferences for the settlement or simplification of procedures or issues, and shall schedule submission of documents, briefs and the time for the hearing.

    (2) Cause each witness to be sworn or to make affirmation.

    (3) Limit the number of times any witness may testify, limit repetitious examination or cross-examination of witnesses or the extent to which corroborative or cumulative testimony shall be accepted.

    (4) Exclude irrelevant, immaterial or unduly repetitious evidence, but the interested parties shall not be bound by technical rules of evidence and all relevant evidence of reasonably probative value may be received.

    (5) Require briefs and oral arguments to the extent determined necessary which shall be included as part of the record unless otherwise ordered by the Hearing Officer.