§ 401.88 Findings, report and Commission review.  

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  • (a) The Hearing Officer shall prepare a report of his findings and recommendations. In the case of an objection to a waste load allocation, the Hearing Officer shall make specific findings of a recommended allocation which may increase, reduce or confirm the Executive Director's determination. The report shall be served by personal service or certified mail (return receipt requested) upon each party to the hearing or its counsel unless all parties have waived service of the report. The applicant and any objector may file objections to the report within 20 days after the service upon him of a copy of the report. A brief shall be filed together with any objections. The report of the Hearing Officer together with objections and briefs shall be promptly submitted to the Commission. The Commission may require or permit oral argument upon such submission prior to its decision.

    (b) The Executive Director, in addition to any submission to the Hearing Officer, may also submit to the Commission staff comments upon, or a response to, the Hearing Officer's findings and report and, where appropriate, a draft docket or other recommended Commission action. Interested parties shall be served with a copy of such submission and may have not less than ten (10) days to respond before action by the Commission.