§ 430.3 Purpose.  

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  • The purpose of this regulation is to protect the ground water resources in the Triassic lowland and adjacent area of southeastern Pennsylvania and the public interest in those resources. In particular this regulation is to:

    (a) Assure the effective management of water withdrawals to avoid depletion of natural stream flows and ground waters and to protect the quality of such water.

    (b) Assure that ground water withdrawals are undertaken consistent with the policies stated in the Comprehensive Plan.

    (c) Protect the just and equitable interests and rights of present and future lawful users of water resources, giving due regard to the need to balance and reconcile alternative and conflicting uses in view of present and threatened shortages of water of the quality required to serve such uses.

    (d) Provide a mechanism for the acquisition of additional information necessary to more accurately plan and manage water resources.

    (e) Encourage all water users to adopt and implement reasonable water conservation measures and practices, to assure efficient use of limited water supplies.