Appendix to Subpart E—List of Program Functions That Cannot Be Subcontracted  

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  • The following maintenance activities are eligible for funding under the TTP. The list is not all-inclusive.

    1. Cleaning and repairing ditches and culverts.

    2. Stabilizing, removing, and controlling slides, drift sand, mud, ice, snow, and other impediments.

    3. Adding additional culverts to prevent roadway and adjoining property damage.

    4. Repairing, replacing or installing traffic control devices, guardrails and other features necessary to control traffic and protect the road and the traveling public.

    5. Removing roadway hazards.

    6. Repairing or developing stable road embankments.

    7. Repairing parking facilities and appurtenances such as striping, lights, curbs, etc.

    8. Repairing transit facilities and appurtenances such as bus shelters, striping, sidewalks, etc.

    9. Training maintenance personnel.

    10. Administering the BIA transportation facility maintenance program.

    11. Performing environmental/archeological mitigation associated with transportation facility maintenance.

    12. Leasing, renting, or purchasing of maintenance equipment.

    13. Paying utilities cost for roadway lighting and traffic signals.

    14. Purchasing maintenance materials.

    15. Developing, implementing, and maintaining a BIA Transportation Facility Maintenance Management System (TFMMS).

    16. Performing pavement maintenance such as pot hole patching, crack sealing, chip sealing, surface rejuvenation, and thin overlays (less than 1 inch).

    17. Performing erosion control.

    18. Controlling roadway dust.

    19. Re-graveling roads.

    20. Controlling vegetation through mowing, noxious weed control, trimming, etc.

    21. Making bridge repairs.

    22. Paying the cost of closing transportation facilities due to safety or other concerns.

    23. Maintaining airport runways, heliport pads, and their public access roads.

    24. Maintaining and operating BIA public ferry boats.

    25. Making highway alignment changes for safety reasons. These changes require prior notice to the Secretary.

    26. Making temporary highway alignment or relocation changes for emergency reasons.

    27. Maintaining other TTP intermodal transportation facilities provided that there is a properly executed agreement with the owning public authority within available funding.