Subpart A—Introduction
§ 15.1 What is the scope and purpose of this part?
§ 15.2 What definitions apply to this part?
Subpart B—Claims Against the Government Under the Federal Tort Claims Act
§ 15.100 What claims against the Department are covered by the FTCA?
§ 15.101 Who may file an administrative claim under the FTCA against the Department?
§ 15.102 May an insurance company file an FTCA administrative claim on behalf of a claimant?
§ 15.103 May an agent or legal representative file an FTCA administrative claim on behalf of a claimant?
§ 15.104 Where should the FTCA administrative claim be filed?
§ 15.105 What information and evidence should be provided to DOL to substantiate an FTCA administrative claim?
§ 15.106 How is the administrative claim processed?
§ 15.107 What must be provided in the administrative report?
§ 15.108 Who is authorized to decide an administrative claim?
§ 15.109 What if the claim is denied?
§ 15.110 What must a claimant do if the administrative claim is approved?
§ 15.111 If the administrative claim is approved, how is the award paid?
Subpart C—Claims Under the Military Personnel and Civilian Employees' Claims Act of 1964
§ 15.200 What is a claim under the MPCECA and who may file such a claim?
§ 15.201 Where should the MPCECA claim be filed?
§ 15.202 How is a claim filed under the MPCECA?
§ 15.203 When should a claim under the MPCECA be filed?
§ 15.204 Are there limits on claims under the MPCECA?
§ 15.205 What types of claims for property damage are allowed under the MPCECA?
§ 15.206 What claims arising at a residence or Telework location may be covered under the MPCECA?
§ 15.207 What are examples of claims allowed under the MPCECA?
§ 15.208 What are the restrictions on otherwise allowable claims?
§ 15.209 What claims are not allowed?
§ 15.210 What affect does insurance have on a claim under the MPCECA?
§ 15.211 How is a claim under this subpart processed?
§ 15.212 How is the amount of the award under this subpart calculated?
§ 15.213 Are there limits to representatives' fees for claims under this subpart?
§ 15.214 How may a decision under this subpart be reconsidered?
Subpart D—Claims Arising Out of the Operation of the Job Corps
§ 15.300 How are claims involving the Job Corps initiated?
§ 15.301 What office is responsible for determining liability in claims arising out of the Job Corps?
§ 15.302 What procedures apply to these claims?
§ 15.303 How does a Job Corps student file a claim for loss of or damages to personal property under the WIA?
§ 15.304 Are there limits to claims for loss of or damages to personal property under the WIA?