§ 1651.3 Procedures for taking an appeal.  

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  • (a) When the Director of Selective Service appeals to a district appeal board he shall place in the registrant's file a written statement of his reasons for taking such appeal. When an appeal is taken by the Director, the registrant will be notified that the appeal has been taken, the reason therefor, and that the registrant may appear in person before the appeal board in accord with §1651.4(e).

    (b) The registrant may appeal the classification action of the local board by filing with it a written notice of appeal. The registrant's notice of appeal need not be in a particular form but must include the name of the registrant and his request. Any notice shall be liberally construed so as to permit the appeal.

    (c) The registrant may also request an opportunity to appear in person before the district appeal board and such appeal will be considered by the board having jurisdiction over the local board which last classified him.

    (d) The registrant may attach to his appeal a statement specifying the reasons he believes the classification action that he is appealing is inappropriate, directing attention to any information in his file, and setting out any information relevant to his claim.

[17 FR 189, Jan. 8, 1952