§ 165.158 Safety Zone: Patchogue Grand Prix, Patchogue Bay, Patchogue, NY.  

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    (a) Location. The following area is a safety zone: All navigable waters of Patchogue Bay, NY bounded by an area beginning at a point on land in Patchogue, NY at approximate position 40°44'56" N, 073°00'49" W; then running south to a point in Patchogue Bay at approximate position 40°44'29" N, 073°00'49" W; then running south east to a point in Great South Bay at approximate position 40°43'47" N, 072°59'54" W; then running east to approximate position 40°43'53" N, 072°58'46" W; then to approximate position 40°43'57" N, 072°57'06" W; then north to a point on land at approximate position 40°44'29" N, 072°57'09" W. All coordinates are North American Datum 1983.

    (b) Definitions. The following definitions apply to this section: Designated on-scene patrol personnel, means any commissioned, warrant and petty officers of the U.S. Coast Guard operating Coast Guard vessels who has been authorized to act on the behalf of the Captain of the Port Long Island Sound.

    (c) Regulations. (1) The general regulations contained in 33 CFR §165.23 apply.

    (2) In accordance with the general regulations in §165.23 of this part, entry into or movement within this zone is prohibited unless authorized by the Captain of the Port Long Island Sound.

    (3) All persons and vessels must comply with the Coast Guard Captain of the Port or the designated on-scene patrol personnel.

    (4) Upon being hailed by a U.S. Coast Guard vessel by siren, radio, flashing light or other means, the operator of the vessel must proceed as directed.

    (5) Persons and vessels may request permission to enter the zone on VHF–16 or via phone at (203) 468–4401.

    (d) Enforcement period. This rule will be enforced from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on August 22, 23, and 24, 2008 and each year thereafter at dates and times specified in a  Federal Register  notice.

    [USCG–2008–0264, 73 FR 51367, Sept. 3, 2008]