§ 165.845 Safety Zone; Lower Mississippi River, mile markers 94 to 97 above Head of Passes, New Orleans, LA.  

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  • (a) Location. The following area is a safety zone: All navigable waters of the Lower Mississippi River, New Orleans, LA from mile marker (MM) 94 (29°5732 N, 90°0305 W) to MM 97 (29°5519 N, 90°0400 W), NAD83 datum, on the Lower Mississippi River, above Head of Passes.

    (b) Enforcement period. The safety zone established by this section will be enforced only upon notice of the Captain of the Port Sector New Orleans (COTP). In accordance with 33 CFR 165.7, for each enforcement of a safety zone established under this section, the COTP will publish a notice of enforcement in the Federal Register as early as practicable. In addition, the COTP will also inform the public of the enforcement area and times of this section as indicated in paragraph (d) of this section.

    (c) Regulations. (1) In accordance with the general regulations in §165.23 of this part, entry into this zone is prohibited to all vessels and persons except vessels authorized by the COTP or designated representative. A designated representative means any Coast Guard commissioned, warrant, or petty officer of the U.S. Coast Guard assigned to units under the operational control of Sector New Orleans.

    (2) Persons and vessels requiring entry into this safety zone must request permission from the COTP or a designated representative. They may be contacted on VHF-FM Channel 16 or 67 or by telephone at (504) 365-2200.

    (3) Persons and vessels permitted to enter this safety zone must transit at their slowest safe speed and comply with all lawful directions issued by the COTP or the designated representative.

    (d) Information broadcasts. The COTP or a designated representative will inform the public of the enforcement period of this safety zone through Vessel Traffic Service Advisories, Broadcast Notices to Mariners (BNMs), Local Notice to Mariners (LNMs), and/or Marine Safety Information Bulletins (MSIBs) as appropriate.

    [USCG-2018-0372, 83 FR 39883, Aug. 13, 2018]

[USCG-2018-0372, 83 FR 39883, Aug. 13, 2018