Exhibit A to Part 906—Suggested Minimum Guidelines and Goals  

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  • The following are suggested for consideration by developers in formulation of minimum affirmative action goals for the development parcel:

    (a) Equity participation—10 percent participation by minority group members, women, and minority owned businesses as investors in ownership of the development parcel.

    (b) Contracts for professional and technical services—20 percent of the dollar value of the contracts to minority owned businesses.

    (c) Persons providing professional or technical services—20 percent should be minority group members, women, handicapped persons, or Vietnam era veterans.

    (d) Construction contracting—15 percent of the total dollar value to minority owned businesses. (In order to accomplish this goal, the developer must require that any prime contractor show at least 15 percent minority subcontractors unless the prime contractor is a minority contractor.)

    (e) Construction employment should comply with the Washington Plan as a minimum.

    (f) Purchasing—20 percent of the dollar value of all purchases of materials and supplies to minority owned businesses.

    (g) Hotel employment—20 percent of all hotel employees, 15 percent of all personnel earning an excess of $2,000 a month (in 1978 dollars), and 60 percent of trainees for hotel positions should be minority group members, women, handicapped persons, or Vietnam era veterans.

    (h) Leasing of space—15 percent of the retail space should be targeted for minority enterprises.

    (i) Committed opportunities—should be created for professional, technical, construction, hotel, or other type operations where the representation of minority group members, women, or handicapped persons in a field is inconsistent with the demographic profile of the Washington metropolitan area.