Exhibit B to Part 906—Guidelines for Establishing Strategy To Implement Affirmative Action Personnel Plan

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  • The following are suggested as the types of activities to be considered in the development of strategies for the affirmative action personnel plan:

    (1) “Vigorous” searching for qualified minority and women applicants for job openings in professional and managerial positions, often including recruitment visits to educational institutions with large minority or female enrollments.

    (2) Wide dissemination of affirmative action policy in advertisements and employment literature.

    (3) Utilization of minority media in recruitment advertisements.

    (4) Notification of job openings to minority community organizations and associations.

    (5) Listing of all employment openings with compensation of under $20,000 per year at a local office of the State Employment Service (or union hiring hall when union labor is required).

    (6) Periodic review of minority, female, Vietnam era veteran, and handcapped employees to identify underutilized and unutilized skills and knowledge as well as opportunities for reassignment.

    (7) Utilization of merit promotion and on-the-job training programs to create career ladders or otherwise qualify minority, female, Vietnam era veteran, and handicapped employees for advancement.