Appendix A to Subpart A of Part 703—Fees and Charges for Services Provided to Requesters of Records

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  • (a) Searches.

    (1) There is no charge for searches of less than one hour.

    (2) Fees charged for searches of one hour or more are based on prevailing rates. Currently, those charges are:

    (i) Personnel searches (clerical): $15 per hour.

    (ii) Personnel searches (professional): $25 per hour.

    (iii) Reproduction costs: $.50 per page.

    (iv) Shipping and mailing fees: variable.

    (3) In situations involving the use of computers to locate and extract the requested information, charges will be based on the direct cost to the Library, including labor, material, and computer time.

    (b) Duplication of Records. Fees charged for the duplication of records shall be according to the prevailing rates established by the Library's Photoduplication Service, or in the case of machine media duplication, by the Resources Management Staff, Information Technology Services.

    (c) Certifications. The fee charges for certification of a record as authentic or a true copy shall be $10.00 for each certificate.

    (d) Other Charges. When no specific fee has been established for a service required to meet the request for records, the Chief, OSS, shall establish an appropriate fee based on direct costs in accordance with the Office of Management and Budget Circular No. A-25.