§ 702.9 Inspection of property.  

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  • (a) Individuals entering Library buildings do so with the understanding that all property in their possession including, but not limited to, suitcases, briefcases, large envelopes, packages, and office equipment may be inspected.

    (b) Upon entering the Library buildings privately owned office machines including but not limited to typewriters, computing machines, stenotype machines, and dictating machines, shall be registered with the police officer at the entrance to buildings for the purpose of controlling such equipment.

    (c) In the discharge of official duties, Library officials are authorized to inspect Government-owned or furnished property assigned to readers and the general public for their use, such as cabinets, lockers, and desks. Unauthorized property or contraband found in the possession of members of the Library staff, readers, or the general public as a result of such inspections will be subject to confiscation by Library officials.