§ 906.4 Formulation of affirmative action plan.  

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  • (a) The developer, in formulating the Affirmative Action Plan, should consider all phases of development from establishment of the development team to operation and management of the development project including each component of the project (e.g., hotel, retail, office, residential). The developer should also consider the personnel profile of project contractors, subcontractors.

    (b) For each phase and each component, the developer should give consideration to creating business and employment opportunities and committed opportunities in the following:

    (1) Equity participation;

    (2) Professional and technical services such as legal, architectural, engineering, and financial;

    (3) Purchasing materials and supplies in connection with construction and operation;

    (4) Contracting for construction, operation, and maintenance; and,

    (5) Financing, including construction and permanent financing, and other financial and banking services.