§ 906.5 Administration of affirmative action plan.  

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  • (a) The developer shall appoint an Affirmative Action Officer, and for projects exceeding $10 million in cost, the person appointed must have affirmative action as a primary responsibility.

    (b) The developer shall report to the Corporation periodically its progress in meeting the goals and timetables in its Affirmative Action Plan with respect to its contracting and purchasing plan, leasing plan, and committed opportunities. In meeting the reporting requirements the developer shall:

    (1) Count an individual only once for reporting purposes;

    (2) Count an individual in the first appropriate category as follows:

    (i) Minority Group Member;

    (ii) Handicapped Person;

    (iii) Woman;

    (iv) Vietnam Era Veteran;

    (3) Report the dollar amount of contracts and purchases from minority owned businesses including subcontracts;

    (4) In the event 10 percent or more of the dollar amount of a contract, subcontract, or purchase from a minority owned business is performed by other than a minority owned business, the developer shall report only the dollar amount performed by the minority owned business.