§ 910.1 Policy.  

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  • (a) The Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation Act of 1972, Pub. L. 92-578, October 27, 1972, (the Act), (40 U.S.C. 871 et seq.) established the Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation (the Corporation) with jurisdiction over the Pennsylvania Avenue Development Area (Development Area). The Development Area is generally described as an area in Washington DC, bounded by Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., on the south, East Executive Drive on the west, 3rd Street, NW., on the east, and E and F Streets, NW., on the north.

    (b) Prior to creation of the Corporation, the deterioration of the Development Area had an adverse impact upon the physical, economic, and social life of Washington, DC. The Corporation was created as the vehicle to develop, maintain, and use the Development Area in a manner suitable to its ceremonial, physical, and historic relationship to the legislative and executive branches of the Federal government, to the governmental buildings, monuments, memorials, and parks in and adjacent to that area, and to the downtown commercial core of Washington, DC. The Corporation was directed to prepare a development plan for the Development Area and to submit that plan to the United States Congress. Congress accepted that plan and directed its implementation by the Corporation. The Corporation through a broad range of statutory powers has begun this implementation process.

    (c) The Pennsylvania Avenue Plan—1974, as amended (the Plan) is a blueprint for social, economic, and architectural rejuvenation of the Development Area. Its goal is to make the Development Area once again a relevant and contributing element of Washington, DC. With the implementation of the Plan, the Development Area will become a showpiece of the Nation's Capital, proudly displaying the successful joint efforts of the Corporation, other Federal and District of Columbia government agencies, and private entrepreneurs.

    (d) The Plan, containing the goals and objectives for development, is supplemented by various adopted policies and programs of the Corporation. The Plan, in conjunction with these policies and programs, represents the basis upon which the development and rejuvenation of the Development Area will proceed, whether publicly or privately inspired and accomplished. These policies and programs amplify, elaborate, and refine the planning and urban design concepts expressed in the Plan.