§ 910.3 Program administration.

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  • (a) This part 910, together with Square Guidelines, described below, provides interested parties with the urban planning and design information sufficient to understand and participate in the process of square development within the Development Area.

    (1) This part 910, General Guidelines and Uniform Standards for Urban Planning and Design of Development, sets forth the general planning and design goals and objectives which govern the implementation of the Plan, specifies standards which are uniformly applicable to all developments throughout the Development Area, and provides a glossary of defined terms applicable to this part as well as Square Guidelines.

    (2) Square Guidelines specifies detailed urban planning and design requirements and recommendations which are applicable to each particular coordinated planning area, a coordinated planning area being a square, a portion of a square, or a combination of squares. These requirements and recommendations set forth intentions and refinements of the Plan in light of the identified Planning and Design Concerns specified in subpart B of this part 910. Each set of Square Guidelines is adopted by the Board of Directors, issued by the Chairman, and is available, upon request, at the Corporation's office.

    (3) Square Guidelines are developed in the context of the existing environment. Several provisions in the Square Guidelines are, therefore, established on the basis of certain assumptions in terms of existing buildings, a particular traffic pattern and roadway configuration, a market condition for a particular land use, etc. In the event of a major change or casualty which would render it impossible or impracticable to meet certain requirements of Square Guidelines, the Corporation would expect to develop and issue up-to-date Square Guidelines. This statement does not, of course, preclude the Corporation from issuing amendments to Square Guidelines from time to time on any other basis.

    (b) Pursuant to section 7(b) of the Act, each proposal for development within the Development Area must be submitted to the Corporation to determine its consistency with the Plan. The Corporation's adopted development policy, entitled “Development Policies and Procedures,” sets forth the process for this determination. In determining whether a development proposal is consistent with the Plan, the Corporation shall review the proposal against all adopted Corporation programs, policies, and regulations, including:

    (1) This part 910.

    (2) Square Guidelines.

    (3) Development Policies and Procedures.

    (4) Historic Preservation Plan.

    (5) Energy Guidelines.

    (6) Side Street Improvements Program.

    (7) Policy on Environmental Quality and Control (36 CFR part 907).

    (8) Pennsylvania Avenue Lighting Plan.

    (9) Public Improvements Program.

    (10) Affirmative Action Policy and Procedure (36 CFR part 906).

    (11) Policy and Procedures to Facilitate Successful Relocation of Businesses and Residents within the Pennsylvania Avenue Development Area.

    (12) All other programs, policies, and regulations that may be approved and adopted by the Board of Directors from time to time.

    (c) Pursuant to the Act, Federal and District of Columbia agencies and departments may exercise such existing authority and lawful powers over urban planning and design features of development as are consistent with the Plan. No department or agency may release, modify, or depart from any feature of the Plan without the prior approval of the Corporation.