Table 3 to Subpart OOOO of Part 60—Applicability of General Provisions to Subpart OOOO

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  • As stated in §60.5425, you must comply with the following applicable General Provisions:

    Subject of citationApplies to
    §60.1General applicability of the General ProvisionsYes.
    §60.2DefinitionsYesAdditional terms defined in §60.5430.
    §60.3Units and abbreviationsYes.
    §60.5Determination of construction or modificationYes.
    §60.6Review of plansYes.
    §60.7Notification and record keepingYesExcept that §60.7 only applies as specified in §60.5420(a).
    §60.8Performance testsYesPerformance testing is required for control devices used on storage vessels and centrifugal compressors.
    §60.9Availability of informationYes.
    §60.10State authorityYes.
    §60.11Compliance with standards and maintenance requirementsNoRequirements are specified in subpart OOOO.
    §60.13Monitoring requirementsYesContinuous monitors are required for storage vessels.
    §60.15ReconstructionYes. Except that §60.15(d) does not apply to gas wells, pneumatic controllers, centrifugal compressors, reciprocating compressors or storage vessels.
    §60.16Priority listYes.
    §60.17Incorporations by referenceYes.
    §60.18General control device requirementsYesExcept that the period of visible emissions shall not exceed a total of 1 minute during any 15-minute period instead of 5 minutes during any 2 consecutive hours as required in §60.18(c).
    §60.19General notification and reporting requirementYes.

    [77 FR 49542, Aug. 16, 2012, as amended at 81 FR 35898, June 3, 2016]