Table 2 to Subpart CCCC of Part 63—Requirements for Performance Tests If You Monitor Brew Ethanol  

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  • For each fed-batch fermenter for which compliance is determined by monitoring brew ethanol concentration and calculating VOC concentration in the fermenter exhaust according to the procedures in §63.2161, you must .  .  .Using .  .  .According to the following requirements .  .  .
    Measure VOC as propaneMethod 25A,a or an alternative validated by EPA Method 301b and approved by the AdministratorYou must measure the VOC concentration in the fermenter exhaust at any point prior to the dilution of the exhaust stream.

    aEPA Test Method 25A is found in appendix A-7 of 40 CFR part 60.

    bEPA Test Method 301 is found in appendix A of 40 CFR part 63.