§ 51.368 Public information and consumer protection.  

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  • (a) Public awareness. The SIP shall include a plan for informing the public on an ongoing basis throughout the life of the I/M program of the air quality problem, the requirements of Federal and State law, the role of motor vehicles in the air quality problem, the need for and benefits of an inspection program, how to maintain a vehicle in a low-emission condition, how to find a qualified repair technician, and the requirements of the I/M program. Motorists that fail the I/M test in enhanced I/M areas shall be offered a list of repair facilities in the area and information on the results of repairs performed by repair facilities in the area, as described in §51.369(b)(1) of this subpart. Motorists that fail the I/M test shall also be provided with information concerning the possible cause(s) for failing the particular portions of the test that were failed.

    (b) Consumer protection. The oversight agency shall institute procedures and mechanisms to protect the public from fraud and abuse by inspectors, mechanics, and others involved in the I/M program. This shall include a challenge mechanism by which a vehicle owner can contest the results of an inspection. It shall include mechanisms for protecting whistle blowers and following up on complaints by the public or others involved in the process. It shall include a program to assist owners in obtaining warranty covered repairs for eligible vehicles that fail a test. The SIP shall include a detailed consumer protection plan.

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