§ 52.1233 Operating permits.  

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  • (a) Emission limitations and related provisions which are established in Minnesota permits as federally enforceable conditions in accordance with Chapter 7007 rules shall be enforceable by USEPA. USEPA reserves the right to deem permit conditions not federally enforceable. Such a determination will be made according to appropriate procedures, and be based upon the permit, permit approval procedures or permit requirements which do not conform with the permit program requirements or the requirements of USEPA's underlying regulations.

    (b) For any permitting program located in the State, insofar as the permitting threshold provisions in Chapter 7007 rules concern the treatment of sources of greenhouse gas emissions as major sources for purposes of title V operating permits, EPA approves such provisions only to the extent they require permits for such sources where the source emits or has the potential to emit at least 100,000 tpy CO2equivalent emissions, as well as 100 tpy on a mass basis, as of July 1, 2011.

    [60 FR 21451, May 2, 1995, as amended at 75 FR 82266, Dec. 30, 2010]