§ 52.1485 Significant deterioration of air quality.  

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  • (a) The requirements of sections 160 through 165 of the Clean Air Act are not met, since the plan, except as it applies to the Clark County Health District, does not include approvable procedures for preventing the significant deterioration of air quality.

    (b) Regulation for preventing significant deterioration of air quality. The provisions of §52.21 except paragraph (a)(1) are incorporated and made a part of the applicable State plan for the State of Nevada except for that portion applicable to the Clark County Health District.

    (c) All applications and other information required pursuant to §52.21 from sources located in the jurisdiction of the State of Nevada shall be submitted to the Director, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, 201 South Fall Street, Carson City, Nevada instead of the EPA Region 9 Office.

    [47 FR 26621, June 21, 1982, as amended at 48 FR 28271, June 21, 1983; 68 FR 11323, Mar. 10, 2003; 68 FR 74489, Dec. 24, 2003]