§ 52.1532 Stack height review.  

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  • The State of New Hampshire has declared to the satisfaction of EPA that no existing emission limitations have been affected by stack height credits greater than good engineering practice or any other prohibited dispersion technique as defined in EPA's stack height regulations, as revised on July 8, 1985. This declaration was submitted to EPA on March 21, 1986. The State has further declared in a letter from Dennis Lunderville, dated July 25, 1986, that, “As part of our new source review activities under the New Hampshire SIP and our delegated PSD authority, the New Hampshire Air Resources Agency will follow EPA's stack height regulation as revised in the  Federal Register  on July 8, 1985 (50 FR 27892).” Thus, New Hampshire has satisfactorily demonstrated that its regulations meet 40 CFR 51.118 and 51.164.

    [52 FR 49407, Dec. 31, 1987]