§ 52.1580 Conditional approval.  

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  • (a) Enhanced inspection and maintenance. (1) The State of New Jersey's March 27, 1996 submittal for an enhanced motor vehicle inspection and maintenance (I/M) program, as amended on November 27, 1996 and April 22, 1997, is conditionally approved based on certain contingencies, for an interim period to last 18 months. If New Jersey fails to start its program by November 15, 1997, the interim approval granted under the provisions of the NHSDA, which EPA believes allows the State to take full credit in its 15 percent plan for all of the emission reduction credits in its proposal, will convert to a disapproval after a finding letter is sent to the State by EPA. If the State fails to submit to EPA the final modeling demonstrating that its program will meet the relevant enhanced I/M performance standard by February 1, 1998, the conditional approval will automatically convert to a disapproval as explained under Section 110(k) of the Clean Air Act.

    (2) In addition to the above condition, the State must correct eight minor, or de minimis, deficiencies related to the CAA requirements for enhanced I/M. The minor deficiencies are listed in EPA's conditional interim final rulemaking on New Jersey's motor vehicle inspection and maintenance program published on May 14, 1997. Although satisfaction of these deficiencies does not affect the conditional interim approval status of the State's rulemaking, these deficiencies must be corrected in the final I/M SIP revision to be submitted at the end of the 18-month interim period.

    (3) EPA is also approving this SIP revision under Section 110(k), for its strengthening effect on the plan.

    (b) [Reserved]

    [62 FR 26405, May 14, 1997, as amended at 62 FR 35102, June 30, 1997; 64 FR 19916, Apr. 23, 1999]

[62 FR 26405, May 14, 1997, as amended at 62 FR 35102, June 30, 1997; 64 FR 19916, Apr. 23, 1999