§ 52.1638 Bernalillo County particulate matter (PM10) Group II SIP commitments.  

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  • (a) On December 7, 1988, the Governor of New Mexico submitted a revision to the State Implementation Plan (SIP) for Bernalillo County that contained commitments, from the Director of the Albuquerque Environmental Health Department, for implementing all of the required activities including monitoring, reporting, emission inventory, and other tasks that may be necessary to satisfy the requirements of the PM10Group II SIPs. The City of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County Air Quality Control Board adopted this SIP revision on November 9, 1988.

    (b) The Albuquerque Environmental Health Department has committed to comply with the PM10Group II State Implementation Plan (SIP) requirements, as articulated in the  Federal Register  notice of July 1, 1987 (52 FR 24670), for Bernalillo County as provided in the County's PM10Group II SIP. In addition to the SIP, a letter from the Director of the Albuquerque Environmental Health Department, dated November 17, 1988, stated that:

    (1) This letter is in reference to the PM10Group II SIP requirements particularly as pertains to Bernalillo County. In response to the requirements of the July 1, 1987  Federal Register  notice on PM10, the Albuquerque Environmental Health Department has prepared a Committal SIP for all of Bernalillo County which has been classified Group II for this pollutant.

    (2) As expressed in the attached SIP revision, the Department is committing to carry out all required actions such as monitoring, reporting, emission inventory development and other tasks necessary to satisfy the SIP requirements for PM10Group II areas.

    [54 FR 23477, June 1, 1989]