§ 52.1881 Control strategy: Sulfur oxides (sulfur dioxide).  

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  • (a) EPA is approving, disapproving or taking no action on various portions of the Ohio sulfur dioxide control plan as noticed below. The disapproved portions of the Ohio plan do not meet the requirements of §51.13 of this chapter in that they do not provide for attainment and maintenance of the national standards for sulfur oxides (sulfur dioxide).

    (1)-(8) [Reserved]

    (9) No Action—USEPA takes no action on the 30-day averaging provisions contained in the Toledo Edison Company's Bay Shore Station State Implementation Plan revision until a general review of 30-day averaging is complete.

    (10) Approval—USEPA approves Condition #3 of the permits for the Coulton Chemical Plant in Toledo and the E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company plant in Miami, Ohio. This condition requires the installation and operation of continuous emission monitors for sulfur dioxide.

    (11) Approval. USEPA approves Ohio's Good Engineering Stack Height Regulations as contained in Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3745-16-01 and 02. These rules were adopted by the State on February 12, 1986 and were effective on March 5, 1986.

    (12) In a letter dated June 25, 1992, Ohio submitted a maintenance plan for sulfur dioxide in Morgan and Washington Counties.

    (13) In a letter dated October 26, 1995, Ohio submitted a maintenance plan for sulfur dioxide in Lake and Jefferson Counties.

    (14) On March 20, 2000, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency submitted maintenance plans for Coshocton, Gallia and Lorain Counties.

    (15) On September 27, 2003, Ohio submitted maintenance plans for sulfur dioxide in Cuyahoga County and Lucas County.

    (16) Approval—The 2010 SO2 maintenance plan for the Ohio portion of the Campbell-Clermont KY-OH (Pierce Township, Clermont County), has been approved as submitted on August 11, 2015.

    (b) [Reserved]

    [39 FR 13542, Apr. 15, 1974]

[39 FR 13542, Apr. 15, 1974