§ 52.2080 Revisions.  

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  • (a) The revision procedures of the Rhode Island plan are not adequate since the plan does not expressly provide for revisions at the times and under the conditions set forth in §51.104 of this chapter.

    (b) Regulation for plan revisions. (1) The Rhode Island implementation plan shall be revised:

    (i) When necessary to take account of a revision of the national primary or secondary ambient air quality standard which it implements;

    (ii) When improved or more expeditious methods of attaining a national standard which it implements become available;

    (iii) When the Administrator finds that the plan is substantially inadequate to attain or maintain the national standard which it implements and issues notice of such finding pursuant to §51.104 of this chapter.

    (2) The Rhode Island implementation plan may be revised from time to time to the extent such revisions are consistent with the requirements applicable to implementation plans set forth in this chapter and the Act.

    (3) No revisions shall be effective until the hearing requirements of §51.102 of this chapter have been satisfied.

    [38 FR 18879, 18880, July 16, 1973, as amended at 38 FR 30878, Nov. 8, 1973; 51 FR 40675, Nov. 7, 1986]