§ 52.2225 VOC rule deficiency correction.  

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  • (a) Revisions to sections 7–3, 7–13, and 7–24 of the Tennessee regulations are approved. These amendments are in response to the Clean Air Act section 182(a)(2)(A) requirement to submit RACT rules correcting deficiencies in the existing SIP in accordance with EPA's pre-amendment guidance. These deficiencies were first noted in a letter from Greer Tidwell, the EPA Region IV Administrator, to Governor McWherter on May 26, 1988, and clarified in a letter dated June 10, 1988, from Winston Smith, EPA Region IV Air Division Director, to Paul Bontrager, Director of the Air Pollution Control Division of the Metropolitan Health Department for Nashville/Davidson County, and were further identified in EPA guidance including the Blue Book and the proposed Post–87 policy. The following deficiency in the Tennessee Regulations, however, has not been corrected.

    (1) Section 7–25, “Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements” Nashville/Davidson County committed in a letter dated May 7, 1991, to include a separate provision that requires records to be maintained for at least two years. This additional provision, which is scheduled for a July 15, 1992, public hearing, will be submitted to EPA shortly after that date and will be acted upon separately.

    (2) In Section 7–3, Petition for Alternative Controls, the words “as applied” should be added to the term “VOC/gallon solids” as a clarification.

    (3) The term “vapor-tight” should be defined in section 7–13.

    (4) “Once-in/always-in” is missing from the applicability section of the individual rules.

    (5) Section 7–25, “Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements” should be revised to include additional requirements that would contain: units of compliance consistent with the performance requirements; applicable time periods for data entries; and a clear, separate provision that requires records to be kept.

    (b)–(c) [Reserved]

    [56 FR 10173, Mar. 11, 1991, as amended at 57 FR 28626, June 26, 1992; 59 FR 18317, Apr. 18, 1994; 60 FR 10508, Feb. 27, 1995; 61 FR 37390, July 18, 1996]