§ 52.2479 Contents of the federally approved, State submitted implementation plan.  

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    The following sections of the state and local regulations and documents for the Washington State Implementation Plan for Air Quality, for compliance with requirements of the Federal Clean Air Act, have been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and are part of the current federally-approved, implementation plan.

    Washington State Implementation Plan for Air Quality State and Local Requirements Table of Contents

    Section 1—General [Dates in brackets indicate EPA approval date]
    1.2   Energy Facilities Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) Memorandum of Agreement [02/23/82]
    1.3   Air Quality Monitoring, Data Reporting and Surveillance Provisions [04/15/81]
    1.4   Maintenance of Pay Provision [08/14/81]
    Section 2—State Regulations and Statutes [Dates in brackets indicate date state adopted]
    2.2   Department of Ecology Regulations
    2.2.400WAC 173-400General Regulation for Air Pollution Sources
       173-400-010Policy and purpose [08/20/93]
       173-400-020Applicability [08/20/93]
       173-400-030Definitions [08/20/93]
       173-400-040General standards for maximum emissions [08/20/93, except for sections (1)(c), (1)(d), (2), (4), and the second paragraph of (6)]
       173-400-050Emission standards for combustion and incineration units [08/20/93 except for the exception provision in section (3)]
       173-400-060Emission standards for general process units [08/20/93]
       173-400-070Emission standards for certain source categories [08/20/93, except for section (7)]
       173-400-081Startup and shutdown [08/20/93]
       173-400-091Voluntary limits on emissions [08/20/93]
       173-400-100Registration [08/20/93]
       173-400-105Records, monitoring, and reporting [08/20/93]
       173-400-107Excess Emissions [08/20/93]
       173-400-110New source review (NSR) [08/20/93]
       173-400-112Requirements for new souces in nonattainment areas [08/20/93, except for section (8)]
       173-400-113Requirements for new sources in attainment or unclassifiable areas [08/20/93, except for section (5)]
       173-400-151Retrofit requirements for visibility protection [08/20/93]
       173-400-161Compliance schedules [08/20/93]
       173-400-171Public involvement [08/20/93]
       173-400-190Requirements for nonattainment areas [08/20/93]
       173-400-200Creditable stack height and dispersion techniques [08/20/93]
       173-400-205Adjustment for atmospheric conditions [08/20/93]
       173-400-210Emission requirements of prior jurisdictions [08/20/93]
       173-400-220Requirements for board members [08/20/93]
       173-400-230Regulatory actions [08/20/93]
       173-400-240Criminal penalties [08/20/93]
       173-400-250Appeals [08/20/93]
       173-400-260Conflict of interest [08/20/93]
    2.2.402WAC 173-402Civil Sanctions under Washington Clean Air Act
       173-402-010Prior regulations [06/24/80]
       173-402-020Subsequent regulations [06/24/80]
    2.2.405WAC 173-405Kraft Pulp Mills
       173-405-012Statement of purpose [02/19/91]
       173-405-021Definitions [02/19/91]
       173-405-040Emission standards [02/19/91 except for sections (1)(b), (1)(c), (3)(b), (3)(c), (4), (7), (8), and (9)]
       173-405-045Creditable stack height and dispersion techniques [02/19/91]
       173-405-061More restrictive emission standards [02/19/91]
       173-405-072Monitoring requirements [02/19/91 except section (2)]
       173-405-077Report of startup, shutdown, breakdown or upset conditions [02/19/91]
       173-405-078Emission inventory [02/19/91]
       173-405-086New source review (NSR) [02/19/91]
       173-405-087Prevention of significant deterioration (PSD) [02/19/91]
       173-405-091Special studies [02/19/91]
    2.2.410WAC 173-410Sulfite Pulping Mills
       173-410-012Statement of purpose [02/19/91]
       173-410-021Definitions [02/19/91]
       173-410-040Emission standards [02/19/91 except sections (3) and (5)]
       173-410-045Creditable stack height and dispersion techniques [02/19/91]
       173-410-062Monitoring requirements [02/19/91]
       173-410-067Report of startup, shutdown, breakdown or upset conditions [02/19/91]
       173-410-071Emission inventory [02/19/91]
       173-410-086New source review (NSR) [02/19/91]
       173-410-087Prevention of significant deterioration (PSD) [02/19/91]
       173-410-100Special studies [02/19/91]
    2.2.415WAC 173-415Primary Aluminum Plants
       173-415-010Statement of purpose [02/19/91]
       173-415-020Definitions [02/19/91 except sections (1) and (2)]
       173-415-030Emission standards [02/19/91 except sections (1) and (3)(b)]
       173-415-045Creditable stack height and dispersion techniques [02/19/91]
       173-415-050New source review (NSR) [02/19/91]
       173-415-051Prevention of significant deterioration (PSD) [02/19/91]
       173-415-060Monitoring and reporting [02/19/91 except sections (1)(a)(b)(d)]
       173-415-070Report of startup, shutdown, breakdown or upset conditions [02/19/91]
       173-415-080Emission inventory [02/19/91]
    2.2.422WAC 173-422Motor Vehicle Emission Inspection
       173-422-010Purpose [02/28/80]
       173-422-020Definitions [02/28/80]
       173-422-030Vehicle emission inspection requirement [02/28/80]
       173-422-040Noncompliance areas [12/31/81]
       173-422-050Emission contributing areas [12/31/81]
       173-422-060Gasoline vehicle emission standards [12/31/81]
       173-422-070Gasoline vehicle inspection procedures [12/31/81]
       173-422-090Exhaust gas analyzer specifications [12/31/81]
       173-422-100Testing equipment maintenance and calibration [12/31/81]
       173-422-110Data system requirements [12/31/81]
       173-422-120Quality assurance [02/28/80]
       173-422-130Inspection fees [12/31/81]
       173-422-140Inspection forms and certificates [12/31/81]
       173-422-160Fleet and diesel owner vehicle testing requirements [12/31/81]
       173-422-170Exemptions [12/31/81]
       173-422-180Air quality standards [12/31/81]
    2.2.425WAC 173-425Open Burning
       173-425-010Purpose [09/17/90]
       173-425-020Applicability [09/17/90]
       173-425-030Definitions [09/17/90]
       173-425-036Curtailment during episodes of impaired air quality [09/17/90]
       173-425-045Prohibited materials [01/03/89]
       173-425-055Exceptions [09/17/90]
       173-425-065Residential open burning [09/17/90]
       173-425-075Commercial open burning [09/17/90]
       173-425-085Agricultural open burning [09/17/90]
       173-425-095No burn area designation [09/17/90]
       173-425-100Delegation of agricultural open burning program [09/17/90]
       173-425-115Land clearing projects [09/17/90]
       173-425-120Department of Natural Resources Smoke Management Plan [09/17/90]
       173-425-130Notice of violation [09/17/90]
       173-425-140Remedies [09/17/90]
    2.2.430WAC 173-430Burning of Field and Forage and Turf Grasses Grown for Seed
       173-430-010Purpose [09/17/90]
       173-430-020Definitions [09/17/90]
       173-430-030Permits, conditions, and restrictions [09/17/90]
       173-430-040Mobile field burners [09/17/90]
       173-430-050Other approvals [09/17/90]
       173-430-060Study of alternatives [09/17/90]
       173-430-070Fees [09/17/90]
       173-430-080Certification of alternatives [09/17/90]
    2.2.433WAC 173-433Solid Fuel Burning Device Standards
       173-433-010Purpose [12/16/87]
       173-433-020Applicability [12/16/87]
       173-433-030Definitions [09/17/90]
       173-433-100Emission performance standards [09/17/90]
       173-433-110Opacity standards [09/17/90]
       173-433-120Prohibited fuel types [09/17/90]
       173-433-130General emission standards [09/17/90]
       173-433-150Curtailment [09/17/90]
       173-433-170Retail sales fees [01/03/89]
       173-433-200Regulatory actions and penalties [09/17/90]
    2.2.434   WAC 173-434Solid Waste Incinerator Facilities
       173-434-010Purpose [10/18/90]
       173-434-020Applicability and Compliance [1/22/04]
       173-434-030Definitions [1/22/04]
       173-434-090Operation and Maintenance Plan [10/18/90]
       173-434-110Standards of Performance, except (1)(a) [1/22/04]
       173-434-130Emission Standards, except (2) [1/22/04]
       173-434-160Design and Operation [1/22/04]
       173-434-170Monitoring and Reporting [1/22/04]
       173-434-190Changes in Operation [1/22/04]
       173-434-200Emission Inventory [1/22/04]
       173-434-210Special Studies [10/18/90]
    2.2.435WAC 173-435Emergency Episode Plan
       173-435-010Purpose [01/03/89]
       173-435-015Significant harm levels [01/03/89]
       173-435-020Definitions [01/03/89]
       173-435-030Episode stage criteria [01/03/89]
       173-435-040Source emission reduction plans [01/03/89]
       173-435-050Action procedures [01/03/89]
       173-435-060Enforcement [01/03/89]
       173-435-070Sampling sites, equipment, and methods [01/03/89 except section (1)]
    2.2.440WAC 173-440Sensitive Areas
       173-440-010Purpose [09/17/90]
       173-440-020Applicability [09/16/87]
       173-440-030Definitions [09/17/90]
       173-440-040Sensitive areas designated [09/16/87]
       173-440-100Standards [09/17/90]
       173-440-900Appendix A—Map [09/16/87]
    2.2.470WAC 173-470Ambient Air Quality Standards for Particulate Matter
       173-470-010Purpose [09/16/87]
       173-470-020Applicability [09/16/87]
       173-470-030Definitions [01/03/89]
       173-470-100Ambient air quality standards [01/03/89]
       173-470-160Reporting of data [09/16/87]
    2.2.490WAC 173-490Emission Standards and Controls for Sources Emitting Volatile Organic Compounds
       173-490-010Policy and purpose [02/19/91]
       173-490-020Definitions [02/19/91]
       173-490-025General applicability [02/19/91]
       173-490-030Registration and reporting [02/19/91]
       173-490-040Requirements [02/19/91]
       173-490-080Exceptions and alternative methods [02/19/91]
       173-490-090New source review (NSR) [02/19/91]
       173-490-200Petroleum refinery equipment leaks [02/19/91]
       173-490-201Petroleum liquid storage in external floating roof tanks [02/19/91]
       173-490-202Leaks from gasoline transport tanks and vapor collection systems [02/19/91]
       173-490-203Perchloroethylene dry cleaning systems [02/19/91]
       173-490-204Graphic arts systems [02/19/91]
       173-490-205Surface coating of miscellaneous metal parts and products [02/19/91]
       173-490-207Surface coating of flatwood paneling [02/19/91]
       173-490-208Aerospace assembly and component coating operations [02/19/91]
    2.2.490WAC 173-492Motor Fuel Specifications for Oxygenated Gasoline
       173-492-010Policy and purpose [10/07/92]
       173-492-020Applicability [10/07/92]
       173-492-030Definitions [10/07/92]
       173-492-060Labeling requirements [10/07/92]
       173-492-070Control areas and control periods [10/07/92]
    2.3.EFSEC   Energy Facilities Site Evaluation Council Regulation   (EFSEC)
    2.3.463-39WAC 463-39General Regulations for Air Pollution Sources
       463-39-010Purpose [07/23/79]
       463-39-020Applicability [07/23/79]
       463-39-030Additional definitions [07/23/79 except sections (4), (7), (10), (24), (25), (30), (35), and (36)]
       463-39-040General standards for maximum permissible emissions [07/23/79 except introductory paragraph]
       463-39-050Minimum emission standards for combustion and incineration sources [07/23/79]
       463-39-060Minimum emission standards for general process sources [07/23/79]
       463-39-080Compliance schedules [07/23/79]
       463-39-100Registration [07/23/79]
       463-39-110New source review (NSR) [07/23/79 except sections (1), the first two sentences of (3)(b), (3)(c), (d), and (e)]
       463-39-120Monitoring and special report [07/23/79]
       463-39-130Regulatory actions [07/23/79]
       463-39-135Criminal penalties [07/23/79]
       463-39-150Variance [07/23/79]
       463-39-170Conflict of interest [07/23/79]
    Section 3—Local Air Authority Regulations [Dates in brackets indicate local air authority adoption date]
    3.NW   Northwest Air Pollution Authority (NWAPA)
       100Name of Authority [02/10/93]
       101Short Title [02/10/93]
       102Policy [02/10/93]
       103Duties and Powers [04/14/93]
       104Adoption of State and Federal Laws and Rules [10/13/94]
       105Separability [01/08/69]
       106Public Records [01/08/69]
       110Investigation and Studies [01/08/69]
       111Interference or Obstruction [02/14/73]
       112False and Misleading Oral Statements [02/14/73]
       113Service of Notice [02/14/73]
       114Confidential Information [04/14/93]
       120Hearings [04/14/93]
       121Orders [11/15/88]
       122Appeals from Orders or Violations [11/15/88]
       123Status of Orders on Appeal [11/15/88]
       124Display of Orders [02/14/73]
       130Citations—Notices [02/14/73]
       131Violations—Notices [04/14/93]
       132Criminal Penalty [10/13/94]
       133Civil Penalty [10/13/94]
       134Restraining Orders—Injunction [02/10/93]
       135Additional Enforcement—Compliance schedules [04/14/93]
       140Reporting By Government Agencies [04/14/93]
       145Motor Vehicle Owner Responsibility [02/14/73]
       150Pollutant Disclosure—Reporting by Air Contaminant Sources [09/08/93]
       200Definitions [10/13/94]
    Control Procedures
       300Notice of Construction When Required [10/13/94]
       301Information Required for Notice of Construction [10/13/94]
       302Issuance of Approval or Order [10/13/94]
       303Notice of Completion—Notice of Violation [08/09/78]
       310Approval to Operate Required [04/14/93]
       320Registration Required [04/14/93]
       321General Requirements for Registration [04/14/93]
       322Exemptions from Registration [10/13/94]
       323Classes of Registration [4/14/93]
       324Fees [10/13/94, except section .121]
       325Transfer [04/14/93]
       340Report of Breakdown and Upset [10/13/94]
       341Schedule Report of Shutdown or Start-up [09/08/93]
       342Operation and Maintenance [09/08/93]
       360Testing and Sampling [02/14/73]
       365Monitoring [02/08/89]
       366Instrument Calibration [09/08/93]
       400Ambient Air Standards—Forward [04/14/93]
       401Suspended Particulate Standards (PM-10) [04/14/93]
       410Sulfur Oxide Standards [04/14/93]
       420Carbon Monoxide Standards [04/14/93]
       422Nitrogen Oxide Standards [4/14/93]
       424Ozone Standards [04/14/93]
       450Emission Standards—Forward [04/14/93]
       451Emission of Air Contaminant—Visual Standards [10/13/94]
       452Motor Vehicle Visual Standard [04/14/93, except section .5]
       455Emission of Particulate Matter [04/14/93]
       458Incinerators—Wood Waste Burners [08/08/78]
       460Sulfur Compounds—Heat/Weight Rate Standard [04/14/93]
       462Sulfur Compounds—Emission Standard [04/14/93]
       466Portland Cement Plants [04/14/93]
    Regulated Activities and Prohibitions
       510Incinerator Burning [04/14/93]
       520Sulfur Compounds in Fuel [04/14/93]
       550Particulate Matter from Becoming Airborne [01/08/69]
       560Storage of Organic Liquids [04/14/93]
       580Volatile Organic Compound Control (VOC) [10/13/94]
    3.PS   Puget Sound Air Pollution Control Agency (PSAPCA)
    3.PS.1   Regulation I
    Article 1—Policy, short title, and definitions
       Section 1.01Policy [9/9/99]
       Section 1.03Name of Agency [9/9/99]
       Section 1.05Short Title [9/9/99]
       Section 1.07Definitions [4/14/94]
    Article 3—General Provisions
       Section 3.04Reasonably Available Control Technology, except (e) [3/11/99]
       Section 3.06Credible Evidence [10/8/98]
    Article 5—Registration
       Section 5.02Applicability and Purpose of the Registration Program [9/12/96]
       Section 5.03Registration Required, except (a)(5) [7/8/99]
       Section 5.05General Reporting Requirements for Registration [9/10/98]
    Article 6—New Source Review
       Section 6.03Notice of Construction [9/12/96]
       Section 6.04Notice of Construction Review Fees [9/11/97]
       Section 6.06Public Notice [4/14/94]
       Section 6.07Order of Approval—Order to Prevent Construction [4/14/94]
       Section 6.08Emission Reduction Credit Banking [11/19/92]
       Section 6.09Notice of Completion [4/14/94]
       Section 6.10Work Done without an Approval [9/11/97]
    Article 7—Operating Permits
       Section 7.09General Reporting Requirements for Operating Permits [9/10/98]
    Article 8—Outdoor Fires
       Section 8.04General Conditions for Outdoor Burning [11/9/00]
       Section 8.05Agricultural Burning [11/9/00]
       Section 8.06Outdoor Burning Ozone Contingency Measure [12/19/02]
       Section 8.09Description of King County No-Burn Area [11/9/00]
       Section 8.10Description of Pierce County No-Burn Area [11/9/00]
       Section 8.11Description of Snohomish County No-Burn Area [11/9/00]
       Section 8.12Description of Kitsap County No-Burn Area [10/24/02]
    Article 9—Emission Standards
       Section 9.03Emission of Air Contaminant: Visual Standard, except (e) [3/11/99]
       Section 9.04Opacity Standards for Equipment With Continuous Opacity Monitoring Systems, except (d)(2) and (f) [4/9/98]
       Section 9.05Refuse Burning [12/9/93]
       Section 9.07Sulfur Dioxide Emission Standard [4/14/94]
       Section 9.08Fuel Oil Standards [4/14/94]
       Section 9.09Particulate Matter Emission Standards [4/9/98]
       Section 9.15Fugitive Dust Control Measures [3/11/99]
       Section 9.16Spray-Coating Operations [7/12/01]
       Section 9.20Maintenance of Equipment [6/9/88]
    Article 12—Standards of Performance for Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems
       Section 12.01Applicability [4/9/98]
       Section 12.03Continuous Emission Monitoring System, except (b)(2) [4/9/98]
    Article 13—Solid Fuel Burning Device Standards
       Section 13.01Policy and Purpose [9/9/99]
       Section 13.02Definitions [10/8/98]
       Section 13.03Opacity Standards [10/11/90]
       Section 13.04Prohibited Fuel Types [9/26/91]
       Section 13.05Curtailment [9/26/91]
       Section 13.07Contingency [12/8/94]
    3.PS.2—Regulation II
    Article 1—Purpose, Policy, Short Title, and Definitions
       Section 1.01Purpose [9/9/99]
       Section 1.02Policy [9/9/99]
       Section 1.03Short Title [9/9/99]
       Section 1.04General Definitions [12/11/80]
       Section 1.05Special Definitions [9/9/99]
    Article 2—Gasoline Marketing Emission Standards
       Section 2.01Definitions [7/8/99]
       Section 2.03Petroleum Refineries [6/13/91]
       Section 2.05Gasoline Loading Terminals [12/9/93]
       Section 2.06Bulk Gasoline Plants [6/13/91]
       Section 2.07Gasoline Stations [12/9/99]
       Section 2.08Gasoline Transport Tanks [7/8/99]
       Section 2.09Oxygenated Gasoline Carbon Monoxide Contingency Measure and Fee Schedule [12/19/02]
       Section 2.10Gasoline Station Ozone Contingency Measure [12/19/02]
    Article 3—Miscellaneous Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standards
       Section 3.01Cutback Asphalt Paving [6/13/91]
       Section 3.02Volatile Organic Compound Storage Tanks [7/8/99]
       Section 3.03Can and Paper Coating Operations [2/10/94]
       Section 3.04Motor Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Coating Operations [12/9/93]
       Section 3.05Graphic Arts Systems [12/9/93]
       Section 3.08Polyester, Vinylester, Gelcoat, and Resin Operations [12/9/93]
       Section 3.09Aerospace Component Coating Operations [12/9/93]
       Section 3.11Coatings and Ink Manufacturing [4/11/96]
    Section 4—Regional Air Quality Plans [Dates in brackets indicate EPA approval date]
    4.1 Olympic-Northwest Washington Intrastate
       4.1.2Attainment Plans
       4.1.2.PMParticulate Matter (PM10)
       4.1.2.PM.1Thurston County PM10[07/27/93]
       4.1.2.TSPTotal Suspended Particulates (TSP)
       4.1.2.TSP.1Longview TSP [06/05/80]
    4.2   Puget Sound Intrastate
       4.2.2Attainment Plans
       4.2.2.COCarbon Monoxide (CO)
       4.2.2.CO.1Seattle CO [02/28/83]
       4.2.2.CO.2Tacoma CO [07/16/84]
       4.2.2.CO.3Puget Sound CO section 5.2 [01/22/93]
       4.2.2.OZOzone (O3)
       4.2.2.OZ.1Seattle-Tacoma O3[02/28/83]
       4.2.2.PMParticulate Matter (PM10)
       4.2.2.PM.1Kent PM10[07/27/93]
       4.2.2.PM.2Seattle PM10[conditional approval 08/22/94]
       4.2.2.PM.3Tacoma PM10[conditional approval 12/12/94]
       4.2.3Lead Implementation Plan [04/01/85]
    4.3   Southwest Washington Interstate
       4.3.2Attainment Plans
       4.3.2.COCarbon Monoxide (CO)
       4.3.2.CO.1Vancouver CO [12/30/94]
       4.3.2.OZOzone (O3)
       4.3.2.OZ.1Vancouver O3 [11/14/94]
       4.3.2.TSPTotal Suspended Particulates (TSP)
       4.3.2.TSP.1Vancouver TSP [09/14/81]
       4.5   Eastern Washington Interstate
       4.5.2Attainment Plans
       4.5.2.COCarbon Monoxide (CO)
       4.5.2.CO.1Spokane CO [03/22/82]
       4.5.2.CO.1aSpokane CO section 5.2 [01/22/93]
       4.5.2.TSPTotal Suspended Particulates (TSP)
       4.5.2.TSP.1Spokane TSP [09/14/81]
    4.6 South Central Washington Intrastate
       4.6.2Attainment Plans
       4.6.2.COCarbon Monoxide (CO)
       4.6.2.CO.1Yakima CO [09/14/81]
    Section 5—Federally Mandated Programs [Dates in brackets indicate EPA approval date]
    5.BAP—Business Assistance Program [5/8/95]
    5.IM—Motor Vehicle Inspection/Maintenance Program [9/25/96]
    5.OXY—Oxygenated Gasoline Program [3/21/94]
    5.SMP—Smoke Management Program [7/6/87]
    5.VIS—Washington State Visibility Protection Program [7/6/87]
    5.VIS.NSR—Visibility New Source Review (NSR) for nonattainment areas for Washington [7/28/86]
    Supplemental Section A—Reference Material [Date in brackets indicate EPA effective date]
    A.1—Description of Source test Program for the State Implementation Plan [10/24/84]
    Supplemental B—Administrative and Procedural Material [Dates in brackets indicate EPA effective date]
    B.3.1—Legal Authority [6/05/80]
    B.3.2—Correspondence prior to 1991
    B.3.2.1—New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for Tri-Counties [9/23/81]

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