§ 52.252 Control of degreasing operations.  

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  • (a) “Degreasing” means any operation using an organic solvent as a surface cleaning agent prior to fabricating, surface coating, electroplating, or any other process.

    (b) This section is applicable in the Sacramento Valley, San Joaquin Valley, and San Francisco Bay Area Intrastate Air Quality Control Regions (the “Regions”), as described in 40 CFR part 81, dated July 1, 1979, except as follows:

    (1) In the following portions of the Sacramento Valley Region, this section is rescinded:

    (i) Sacramento County APCD.

    (ii) Placer County APCD (Mountain Counties Air Basin portion).

    (iii) Yuba County APCD.

    (iv) Sutter County APCD.

    (c) Any organic emissions discharged from degreasing operations must either be reduced by at least 85 percent, or the degreasing solvent must be classified as non-photochemically reactive as defined by paragraph (k) of §52.254 not later than January 1, 1975. This regulation shall not be construed as lessening any emission control requirement specified under EPA approved regulations or §52.254. Degreasing operations using perchloroethylene or saturated halogenated hydrocarbons shall be exempt from the requirements of this section.

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