§ 52.2775 Review of new sources and modifications.  

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  • (a)–(d) [Reserved]

    (e) The requirements of 40 CFR 51.18(h) are not met since section 206–30 of Chapter 9, Title 12 of the Virgin Islands' Code does not provide that information submitted by the owner or operator and the agency's analysis including its proposed approval/disapproval decision, be made available for public comment for a period of 30 days prior to final action.

    (f) Subsection 206–30(f)(6) of section 206–30 of Chapter 9, Title 12 of the Virgin Islands' Code is disapproved since sources of minor significance are not identified in the regulation. Accordingly, all sources not listed in subsection 206–30 (f)(1) through (f)(5) will be subject to review in accordance with the requirements of section 206–30.

    (g) Regulation for review of new sources and modifications.

    (1) This requirement is applicable to any stationary source subject to review under section 206–30 of Chapter 9, Title 12 of the Virgin Islands' Code or 40 CFR 52.2775(f).

    (2) Within 30 days after receipt of an application, the Commissioner of the Department of Conservation and Cultural Affairs, will notify the public, by prominent advertisement in the local news media, of the opportunity for public comment on the information submitted by the owner or operator.

    (i) Such information, together with the Commissioner's analysis of the effect of the construction or modification on air quality including the Commissioner's proposed approval or disapproval, will be available in at least one location in the affected region.

    (ii) Written public comments submitted within 30 days of the date such information is made available will be considered by the Commissioner in making his final decision on the application.

    (iii) The Commissioner will make a final decision on the application within 30 days after the close of the public comment period. The Commissioner will notify the applicant in writing of his approval, conditional approval, or disapproval of the application and will set forth his reasons for conditional approval or disapproval.

    (iv) A copy of the notice required by paragraph (h)(2) of this section shall also be sent to the Administrator through the appropriate regional office, and to all other State and local air pollution control agencies having jurisdiction in the region in which such new or modified installation will be located. The notice shall also be sent to any other agency in the region having responsibility for implementing the procedures required under this section.

    [37 FR 10905, May 31, 1972, as amended at 40 FR 42013, Sept. 10, 1975]